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Silence on the Ridge

The last couple blog posts have been on the lighter side of life. Here at Henderson's we like to joke and kid around, but occasionally you have those life moments where you realize how precious this Earth that God gave us is.

This was our first week of spring season and as it is coming to a close I decided to pick up my computer to write about the funny, unbelievable hunting stories that get told around our table. Yet, as I set with my laptop open, looking across the snow covered ridges (yes..even in May), I realized that maybe it was time to write about a different aspect of life. The one that draws hunters here to the Skedaddle Ridge Lodge time and time again; the "pure" silence.

Have you ever sat in the middle of nowhere? With the closest power line being about three and a half miles from camp and the closest town (by town I mean a dairy bar and gas station) being about 20 miles, we are pretty much in the middle of nowhere. No cars go by, no music plays in the background, no people chatter next-door, no dogs bark, and you definitely never hear a siren. When the generator is off you can sit in the front yard and get as close to "pure" silence as it comes. You learn to listen for the wind, as it cleans the leaves of fall and ushers in the rain of spring. You can hear the ravens and the robins calling to their mates. The occasional squirrel or chipmunk rustles in the leaves. Most of all, you can hear the spirit of the outdoors as it calls the name of the many sportsman that have darkened and will darken the door of one of the oldest hunting camps in all of New Brunswick. If you are searching for this peace and tranquility, you have found the right place.

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