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The Man with an Axe

Paul and the Axe

As some of you know in addition to Joe and Joseph we have several other registered guides who help us out. Here in Canada our go-to-guide is Paul. Paul is a six foot lanky fella with the courage of a lion and the heart of a saint. He loves any kind of creature that scurries or flies (he is especially fond of our hunting Lab, Abby). He grew up in the area our lodge is in and could tell you the last time a robin nested on the third ridge over from camp. So, as you can image, he makes an awesome guide.

We have people come from all over the world to hunt. This past season we had some hunters from Norway and Sweden. We had a little bit of a cultural barrier, but they were some of our best clients. The first day they showed up we got everything settled in and they proceeded to meet Paul. They hit it off immediately, laughing and carrying on. It was like the three of them had known each other their whole lives. So the night goes on and everyone settles in for the night waiting for the first day of their hunt. The next day, Paul pulls in to pick them up for their hunt and they jump in. He says, "Oh wait, I forgot my axe down at the shed." So he lumbers down to our skinning shed, reaches down by the firewood and picks up a short handled axe. Being curious as to why he needs an axe on a bear hunt, one of the hunters asks. Paul responds, "that is in case you wound a bear and I need to run it down and finish it off." The two hunters laugh...

What they did not realize is, he was serious. Here in New Brunswick guides can not carry a gun, so if we have a wounded animal, Paul is on the scene ready to run it down with his axe.

Not only do you get the hunt of a lifetime here at Henderson's, but also you get to meet the real life Paul Bunyan. Fond of every living creature, but can swing an axe like no other.

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