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Fall and Spring Bear Hunts over Bait

1 Bear -$2,450
2 Bear-$3,150
(May 6th-June 21st)
(Sept 1st-Nov 8th)

Welcome to the hunt of a lifetime! We provide transportation, lodging, meals, and a baited stand. Our guides take you out and bait your stand, track, drag, and quarter your animal. If you have any questions about what we provide or would like a list of things to bring, please call or email us anytime.

License is $196 USD

Meals and Lodging are included in all of our hunting packages. 

For more information on hound hunting in the fall please visit

Moose Hunts Info

Moose Hunts 

(Sept 21st -24th)

Please visit

to apply for the Moose lottery. You can contact us as soon as you are drawn. 

Grouse and Woodcock

We offer grouse and woodcock hunts in a variety of packages. Both at our Maine camp and here at our Canadian Lodge. The options include self guided, bring your own dog, and our guide w/ our dog. Packages start at $1600 please contact us for more details. 

Grouse and Woodcock

Deer/Bear Combo

We are currently not offering deer hunts at our New Brunswick lodge for more information please contact us.

Bass and Trout Fishing
(April 15th - Sept 30th)

Call for details we have trout and bass fishing available. Your guide can escort you to the best fishing holes in the area. 

Deer Hunt Info
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