Fall and Spring Bear Hunts over Bait

1 Bear -$2,250
2 Bear-$2,950
(May 9th-June 24th)
(Sept 5th - Oct 1st)

Welcome to the hunt of a lifetime! We provide transportation, lodging, meals, and a baited stand. Our guides take you out and bait your stand, track, drag, and quarter your animal. If you have any questions about what we provide or would like a list of things to bring, please call or email us anytime.

License is $189 USD

Meals and Lodging are included in all of our hunting packages. 

For more information on hound hunting in the fall please visit Tomahmountain.com


Moose Hunts 

(Sept 21st -24th)

Please visit 


to apply for the Moose lottery. You can contact us as soon as you are drawn. 

Grouse and Woodcock

We offer grouse and woodcock hunts in a variety of packages. Both at our Maine camp and here at our Canadian Lodge. The options include self guided, bring your own dog, and our guide w/ our dog. Packages start at $1600 please contact us for more details. 


Deer/Bear Combo

2nd Bear-$700
(Oct 25th - Nov 6th)

Welcome to the hunt of a lifetime! We provide lodging, meals, active bait, tree stand, and skinning of game. 

Bass and Trout Fishing
(April 15th - Sept 30th)

Call for details we have trout and bass fishing available. Your guide can escort you to the best fishing holes in the area.