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The One and Only Flying Squirrel

Flying Bear Road Sign

As the camp cook you hear stories of giant fish, giant bears, and even giant deer. This is the story of the one and only giant flying squirrel. Based on a true story from one of our regular hunters and greatest of friends.

"As I sat there waiting on this bear Joe had told me about, which had been coming to the bait every night about dark. I suddenly heard a stick crack. I eased to the edge of my seat bursting with anticipation. I looked slowly to the left and slowly to the right. There at the edge of the brush was a large black shadowy figure. I pulled my gun up, trying to hide my movement. Let me tell you hiding a six foot tall man in a tree stand is harder than you would think. Then, I looked through my scope and eased off my safety. Just as the bear was about to step out from behind the brush, I saw a flash of light before my eyes. Right at eye level, then the breath knocked out of me! The gun went flying and by the grace of God I caught it by the bolt. After I got done screaming like a little 10 year old girl, I looked down to see the biggest flying squirrel I had ever laid eyes on chattering angrily up at me from the ground. I shook my head and thought to myself. Now, what am I going to tell Joe?

Well dark came and I walked out of the stand to my pick up point along the road. Joe pulled up in his old beat up Toyota truck and I jumped in. As we pulled away from the stand he asked me, "Well, ya see anything?" To his surprise I answered, "Yes sir, sure did." He looked bewildered at me. I leaned back in the seat and told him the story of the giant flying squirrel.

He grinned from ear to ear and said,

"Well that must have been what was living in that nest I knocked out of there when I went in and baited today."

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